For Pollock, my best actor:

I remember the day you were born. You were the biggest and smarter one. I remember when you got lost and came back 2 weeks later and had gained lots of pounds; sure, they must have been feeding you rice and beans, huh? Remember how you liked to run chasing ice cubes on the kitchen floor? You went crazy with these. We used to have lots of fun back then. I also remember the trips we made in the car; you couldn’t keep still for a second. It was like having a tornado inside the car!

Remember when you became the star, and a wonderful actor by the way, of one of my first short films when I was just starting my career? You were great to direct, all the rest of the cast and crew were so happy to be working with you. You didn’t forget any line and were always on time for every shot; I was very pleased with that. Up until the point you ate the lunch on day 2. Haha!

Here’s the short, where you were the star:

Contra Vida (undertheinfluence) from Felipe Holguín Caro on Vimeo.

I receive the news that you left this earth to go to a better place where you can keep running and playing for eternity. I take this with lots of in-between feelings;  nostalgic for the long distance and not being there for you these last 5 years; sad for the fact that I won’t be able to pull your cheeks one more time; happy to think that you’re in a place where you can run, catch ice cubes on the kitchen floor and where you can eat all the bones you want. And maybe find a girlfriend finally!

I have lots of memories right now that I would like to write down on this paper, but I prefer to keep them for myself for ever. I love you, I miss you and I’ll always have you in my mind. I wish that where ever you are you can run and play like the crazy and sweet friend you always were, for eternity.

Rest in peace, mi Pollo.

Felipe H.



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