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We offer full scouting services to find specific locations for your project, secure necessary permits, legal and administrative paperwork, and maintain an updated catalogue of available locations in Colombia.


We pride ourselves in offering competitive prices in our detailed budgets with no hidden fees through transparent and trustworthy relationships with our local providers and accurate scheduling advice, committing to quick turnarounds within the locked budget without compromising the quality of our service


Through the years we have consolidated alliances with top service providers in accomodation, catering and transportation that are aware of the dynamics of our productions and tailor their services to meet the requirements of each of our clients.


Colombia has a rich, natural ethnic diversity so you will find all types of looks. We have a local talent and extras database and are able to provide open casting calls, photo/video sessions and casting direction.


With an extensive catalogue of filming equipment for hire in Colombia, we are able to supply at all levels through our top end equipment rental house providers. Phantoms, Arri Alexas, REDs, Canon C300, Assorted grip and lighting packages, specialized grip and rigging, helicopter mounts, Technocrane…


We understand the importance of working with a trusted crew and our family of mostly bilingual (Spanish / English) cumbiamberos is ready for the challenge. We can also refer reliable key department heads, other providers for your review.


We work closely with government entities and our security providers to address your safety concerns and make sure your crew feel comfortable during production. We acquire additional production insurance based on the specifications of each project, and our production insurance provider has covered all of our budget and complexity challenges, providing us with real time consulting.


Foreign productions are exempt of 19% local tax.

Colombia offers the Cash Rebate Law 1556, for films partially or totally produced in Colombia.

40% for “film services” (services related to audio visual pre production, production or post production including artistic and technical services)

20% for “film logistics services” (those that are provided for hotel, catering, and transportation) of the amount spent in the country.

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New business inquiries: teregav@gmail.com

Talent inquiries: teregav@gmail.com

Phone: (+57) 310 535 1327

Address: Calle 1ra de Badillo # 35 - 53
Of. 204 - Centro Histórico
Cartagena, Colombia

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