“Hi, my name is Cumbia. I am from Cholula in  Puebla, Mexico, and I am 11 years old. I lived in Colombia for a while and am now in Los Angeles, pursuing filmmaking dreams. I love to smile. I love the beach. I love life.”


We could dedicate an entire blog to who is Cumbia; her wise eyes, chill attitude and constant expression of “cuddle me please” are a constant subject of conversation among many… even if “they don´t like dogs”.

But for the purpose of this story, we´ll leave it at this: Cumbia symbolizes a space without time, where someone, for a moment, stops to interact with her (observe her, ask about her, make eye contact with her, pet her…)

Scientifically, studies have proven that petting a dog helps double the oxytocin or “feel good” hormone levels in our brain. These reactions help to boost immunity, lower the production of stress-producing cortisol, speed healing and decrease pain, all wonderful health benefits.

Cumbia inspires us to create stories to offer people  a space without time, where they can interact, observe, analyze, and share a collective experience that will benefit the health of our human existence.

¡Cumbia for the Planet!

¡Cumbia for the Planet!

Film as a tool of educational value. For Mother Earth, hope, equity and peace … Where will the children play? Help us be the official representative of the campaign BID and Selva Negra for sustainability and childhood. We are very happy to be part of the 30...

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

CUMBIA Earthly presence Feb. 14, 2001 - Feb.18, 2016 Spiritually & Infinitely OMNIPRESENT Every future is constructed with particular details, situations and adventures of a present that once past  becomes anecdotes and memories. This is what we call a STORY. And...

Ricky Martin – La Mordidita (Official Video) ft. Yotuel

Ricky Martin – La Mordidita (Official Video) ft. Yotuel

Con más de 51 millones de reproducciones, el vídeo “La Mordidita” de Ricky Martin ft. Yotuel, muestra al mundo el talento local cartagenero, lugares entrañables y personajes que reflejan todo el sabor del Caribe a ritmo de su último sencillo, que se posiciona en los...

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