Great news never stop, this is why we would like to share with you one of our biggest challenges yet!  

We participated as local Fixer with World Race Productions​in the production of the second and third episode of the 28th season of The Amazing Race in Cartagena, a reality show by CBS Broadcasting Inc, one of the largest TV networks in the US.

The Amazing Race has received 15 Emmy awards, and has been nominated another 68 times. It is currently the show with more seasons in the history of US television, with 28 seasons and more than 300 episodes broadcasted on prime time. They are now preparing their 29th season, where teams of two compete in a race around the world for a prize of US$1 million.

This was a huge project for Cartagena and for Colombia because we showcased our country as a potential location for future productions, as well as a tourist and cultural destination. Besides the location, we showcased our human quality, and the talent and dedication of our team that worked in the logistics of this production, which made that the filming of these two episodes of the reality a total success.

We worked in more than 12 locations including Manzanillo del Mar, Volcán del Totumo, Historical Center, San Felipe de Barajas Castle, Ciracari Tejo court, Zaragocilla bus route, and key spots around the city. A true adventure!

More than 3 months’ work, with a group of 460 professionals that worked nonstop to demonstrate that local production companies are in perfect capacity of producing even the most complex formats. When you work as a TEAM, everything is possible!

Lastly, we want to thank the Colombian Film Commission, Corpoturismo, Secretaría del Interior, National Police, and other official institutions of the city and department, who collaborated to conclude this great project.  ​

Special THANKS to The Amazing Race World Race Production team for trusting Cumbia Films and for allowing themselves to be touched by the warmth and happiness of the cumbiambera family, a family you are now a part of.

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