Earthly presence Feb. 14, 2001 – Feb.18, 2016

Spiritually & Infinitely OMNIPRESENT

Every future is constructed with particular details, situations and adventures of a present that once past  becomes anecdotes and memories.

This is what we call a STORY.


The story of Cumbia Films begins on February  14th , 2001 with a female puppy born in Cholula, Puebla. A dog with pure love in her eyes who arrived to find Tere Gaviria. For this Colombian girl adopted by Mexico, and in honor to the fusion of these two cultures, the name of this little one month angel that followed her through the streets, as if by magic, was CUMBIA.

CUMBIA lived in Cholula with her mom for several years, enjoying her youth in the valle of the Popocatepetl volcano, tortillas and many many friends. She traveled back and forth to Colombia, her adoptive country, where shw enjoyed the Caribbean sea and making many many friends until finally she moved to Cartagena. She became a dog of the ocean, sand and tropical sun.

In one of those situations of that present of her life Felipe appeared, a film student from Bogota who she adopted as her dad. Searching for new adventures and following her heart she moved to Bogota, where she experienced city life, learned to ride motorcycles, took road trips through Colombia, meeting characters and towns, compiling anecdotes and memories.

With her parents she traveled where she had never imagined: Los Angeles, California!  She visited beautiful beaches where she couldn’t run freely, which for her was very strange. For the first time in her life she had a leash, began going to dog parks’ where she saw other doggies happily running around in this closed space, no fun for her. But she walked the beaches of California, buried her nose in its white sand, and strolled down Hollywood, San Francisco and the cities between them.  She participated in film shoots, accompanied sets, met artists, famous actors, posed for thousands of lenses and ate BBQs.

After adopting many family members and friends and winning over their hearts, she came back to Cartagena to continue fabricating her 15 years of history.

Today, she watches over us from her favorite place of all her travels: the peaceful waters and earth of Isla Grande, Parque Corales del Rosario, where she has the best view.

You are forever the spirit of Cumbia Films. THANK YOU FOR THE  HONOR.….



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¡Vive El PATRIMONIO Con Cumbia Films!

¡Vive El PATRIMONIO Con Cumbia Films!

VII Encuentro Nacional de Patrimonio: Cartagena memoria emergente Septiembre 28, 29 & 30, 2016En Cumbia Films nos sentimos honrados de apoyar activamente a la producción de este gran encuentro. Este tipo de proyectos culturales son los proyectos en los que en...

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