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Six years ago we decided to pursue this dream, a tiny one, that would become our window to the world of filmmaking.

With this first newsletter by Cumbia Films, we want to share with you some of the projects that, over the past six wonderful years, we’ve had the pleasure of bringing to life.



[ 2009 ]

Poster mañana


Ramon is 12 years old and has one dream: to play professional soccer like his dad, whom he doesn’t know. He lives with his mom, Mayi, who is against him playing. With his grandfather’s help, Ramon will try to find a way to play the final match, tomorrow.

This short film in 16mm, shot in Cartagena, Colombia hast participated in more than 25 international film festivals around the world.


Link trailer


[ 2010 ]

Poster salvador


A 35-year-old man on the edge of social alienation has a dream. Alone at the bottom of the sand dunes, he digs. Iris appears as an errand-running messenger in the middle of this burning desert, but Salvador ignores her. In a therapist session, he describes how their paths have crossed again and again, as if by destiny. Inspired by her vitality, he tempts to overcome his fears by speaking to the first person he meets in the train, in vain. Iris takes the first step, giving Salvador the opportunity to release himself…

This short film was shot in Los Angeles, California in the stage of 3rd Rock from the Sun at CBS Radford Studios, in Seinfeld’s train car.


[ 2011 ]

Our first music video, ‘Impossible‘,


‘Best Teen Pop Music Video’  

Indie Music Channel Awards


More than 10 music videos produced today

‘Impossible’  video oficial Link

[ 2012 ]

Cumbia Films and LATV Network

Strip LATV

We produced commercial spots for brands like

Hershey’s, Ford, Verizon, Heineken, AMPM


Spot ‘Ford Fusion 2013’

Link ford


[ 2013 ]

Strip corporativo


  • Cumbia Films opens office in Cartagena, Colombia  
  • Brands, companies and organisations trust our work.
  • Cumbia Films is Caribbean culture.   ‘Blanco & Negro’ music video, Palenke Soultribe, colombian band in Los Angeles.  

Link blanco y negro

‘Blanco & Negro’, Palenke Soultribe


[ 2014 ]

First episode of ‘MADE IN COLOMBIA’

MADE IN COLOMBIA: ¡Mucho Perro!’


Strip blm

Logo blm

¡Cumbia Films family grows!

Blue Lens Media is born, our subdivision of corporate and events photography, cinematography and digital media, where we build memories with individuals and entities, registering their special events.

¡Alliances make us stronger!

Through our agreement with Cotelco, we collaborate with member hotels to strengthen the tourism sector in Cartagena.


[ 2015 ]

Specialised in local production / fixer services

in Cartagena and Colombia

We proudly present Colombia to the world through our local production/ fixer services in Cartagena! ‘Waterfront Cities of the World’, by DBCom Media, Canada for  TV5 and Discovery Channel;‘Bikinis & Boardwalks’ by Indigo Films, California for  Travel Channel,‘Palm Oil’, documentary by Go Forth Films, England, ‘Island Hunters’ by World of Wonder for HGTV….




Local production of Ricky Martin’s “La Mordidita”, directed by Simon Brand




5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Film Location

5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Film Location

What’s most interesting about the film world is how subjective reality can be, how a location can transform the way people perceive said reality. It’s fascinating to scout film locations in Colombia because of all the diversity this country has to offer and how many...

¡Cumbia for the Planet!

¡Cumbia for the Planet!

Film as a tool of educational value. For Mother Earth, hope, equity and peace … Where will the children play? Help us be the official representative of the campaign BID and Selva Negra for sustainability and childhood. We are very happy to be part of the 30...

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

CUMBIA Earthly presence Feb. 14, 2001 - Feb.18, 2016 Spiritually & Infinitely OMNIPRESENT Every future is constructed with particular details, situations and adventures of a present that once past  becomes anecdotes and memories. This is what we call a STORY. And...

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