Producido por CUMBIA FILMS

Director: Felipe Holguín C.
Productora: María Teresa Gaviria

Palenke Soultribe
Felipe Holguín C.
Adalberto Luján

Monito: John Carlos Gómez
Negrita: Camila Sarabia

Ladrón 1: Luis Fernando Gil Caldera
Ladrón 2: Jaderson Pinto
Pick Up El Monin
DJ Mau

Janet Alcazar
Osnaider Castro
Pedro José Aguirre

Felipe Holguín C.
David Covo
Asistente de Cámara: Iván Jiménez
Asistente de Producción: Luis Fernando Gil Caldera
Asistencia de Casting: Juliana Rojas
Edición: Felipe Holguín C.
Asistencia de Edición: Andrés Castillo
VFX: Cartagena Cinema


Rony Monsalve
Yerlis Gómez
Ledys Esther Sarabia
Germán Beleño
Casa de la Cultura de La Boquilla
INETEB Sede Principal

Barrio Getsemaní
Vendedores de San Diego, Calle del Cancel

Y a todas las personas de la comunidad de La Boquilla y Getsemaní que participaron con su sabrosura!

5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Film Location

5 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Film Location

What’s most interesting about the film world is how subjective reality can be, how a location can transform the way people perceive said reality. It’s fascinating to scout film locations in Colombia because of all the diversity this country has to offer and how many...

¡Cumbia for the Planet!

¡Cumbia for the Planet!

Film as a tool of educational value. For Mother Earth, hope, equity and peace … Where will the children play? Help us be the official representative of the campaign BID and Selva Negra for sustainability and childhood. We are very happy to be part of the 30...

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

CUMBIA Earthly presence Feb. 14, 2001 - Feb.18, 2016 Spiritually & Infinitely OMNIPRESENT Every future is constructed with particular details, situations and adventures of a present that once past  becomes anecdotes and memories. This is what we call a STORY. And...

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