What’s most interesting about the film world is how subjective reality can be, how a location can transform the way people perceive said reality. It’s fascinating to scout film locations in Colombia because of all the diversity this country has to offer and how many different types of films it can cater to.

The making of a film needs authenticity, reality, and essence, and for all of these the location chosen for the film plays a huge role in the success of portraying exactly what you aim to portray in your next film. When choosing the perfect film location in Colombia, keep the following key factors in mind: 


As previously mentioned, Colombia is rich in diversity when it comes to weather. Different cities and towns offer different types of weather (cold, warm, rainy, etc.) and what’s most fascinating is that you can find them even just an hour away from each other. 


Before choosing your film location in Colombia, it’s important to check for areas that have any type of protection – such as natural parks. Some of these parks will allow entrance but with certain restrictions that may become a deal-breaker for your film. Therefore, it’s imperative that you know which areas are protected in Colombia.



How will you get to your film location in Colombia? There are many ways to do so but you must check the staff and technical resources that must be transported to the location whether by land or air. Then, you can make a decision if it’s feasible. 


Choosing a film location in Colombia like a city or town that unites diversities that a specific production can require is like killing two birds with one stone. Examples: colonial, industrial or modern architecture, nature, and beaches. 


There are certain cities that you can choose as your film location in Colombia that offer incentives for audiovisual film productions. Why not benefit from those benefits while also having the perfect location in hand!? If you want to know more about the incentives, click here

Whether you’re an international client who wants to find the perfect film location in Colombia or if you’re a local, finding that location is no easy task. We know how important your next film is for you and the goals you have in mind for it and that’s why we hope our tips can help you in your journey. 

At Cumbia Films, we offer our clients a full-package exploration service to find specific film locations in Colombia, obtain the necessary permits, file all legal and administrative paperwork, and maintain an updated catalog of available film locations in Colombia. We do this to take weight off of the customer’s shoulders and so that they don’t have to worry about the film location. Cumbia takes on the responsibility of finding the best location and anything else that’s necessary to obtain permits and organize all logistics. 

Will you let us take the weight off your shoulders? Contact us today, we’re ready for a challenge! 

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